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A survey conducted by Durex Condoms revealed the startling truth that 67% of women are unhappy with the size of their lovers penis. This clearly confirms the answer to the question of whether size matters. A larger penis is clearly capable of stimulating more nerve endings due to its larger surface area, hence producing more pleasure for both yourself and your female partner.

In addition to the pleasure it creates the size of your penis can be considered a symbol of your manhood. How many times have you noticed that certain individuals always cover their penis in the locker room? How many times have you noticed that certain people never seem to shower in the health club showers? How many of you are embarrassed to be completely naked in front of your female partner? Clearly the size of the penis is an important element for numerous reasons.

What are Vimax penis enlargement pills?

Vimax penis enhancement pills have been developed to increase the length and girth of the penis permanently. Additionally Vimax pills will enable the erections to be harder and with more frequency. A recent Vimax penis enlargement pills user survey revealed that the average length increase was 28% and the largest reported increases was approximately 50%.

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Estimates from leading sources confirm that their are currently over 60,000,000 men in the United States that suffer psychological problems originating from having an average or small sized penis, impotence as well as other sexual dysfunctions.

Vimax penis enhancement pills was developed by Dr Alan Whitten, a European biochemist who has worked for the past 42 years on a permanent as well as a consultancy basis for a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies. His research and development efforts have over the years led to the patenting of a number of well know drugs on the market today.

Since the launch of Vimax penis enhancement pills we have received numerous letters from not just the male users but also their female partners who have been thanking us for the positive psychological changes the increases in penile size has made to there mates. Certainly Vimax penis enlargement pills have enabled the users to develop a new sense of confidence by knowing that they can satisfy their lover.

How do Vimax penis enlargement pills work?

The penis consists of three chambers, two of them are called the Corpora Cavernosa as shown on the diagram, and the third is the Corpus Spongisum. The Corpus Spongisum is primarily used for urinating and ejaculation. When a person gets sexually excited the brain releases a hormone which sends blood to your penis, filling the tissue within the Corpora Cavernosa to its maximum level. The maximum your erectile tissue can fill with blood creates the size your erect penis presently is. Therefore your penis is in fact allot smaller than it could be if the erectile tissue chambers were larger i.e. holding more blood.

Vimax penis enlargement pills work by increasing the size of these chambers both in length and width enabling them to hold more blood. This leads to the increased inches in length. Additionally Vimax penis enlargement pills allow the stretching of the fibrous sheets (fascia) surrounding the chambers which allows for greater blood flow.

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You will feel noticeably more confident about yourself and women will certainly notice this. When you enter a locker room other men will look at your long muscular big penis with envy. More importantly future sexual partners will be impressed and will find your penis visually stimulating. Lets face it who really wants to make love to someone with a small or average penis (6.5 inches and below)? BIGGER IS BETTER.

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